The academic programmes of our college fall in line with our institution’s goal and objectives.  The first objective of our institution to provide quality higher education to the people of this rural area is fulfilled by establishing a college in the year 1965 itself and providing a number of UG and PG programmes since then.  Another goal of uplifting the socially oppressed community may be gleaned from the fact that a majority of our students belong to the socially disadvantaged sect.  Yet another goal of empowering the women through education may be mirrored from the fact that for the past five academic years, the strength of the girls is out numbering the boys.  To provide employment opportunities to the students, job oriented courses like DTP, Bakery Technology and Tourism Management are offered in our college.  Through Village Adoption Programmes and Extension Activities, our students carry over various community oriented programmes like literacy, hygiene and sanitation, rain water harvesting and scientific agriculture.  As far as curricula development is concerned, our college being an affiliated College doesn’t have to frame curricula on its own.  In spite of this fact, some of our faculty members, in the capacity of the members of the Board of Studies actively involve themselves in framing curricula to meet the needs of the society and to have relevance to the regional, national and global trends.  Under Choice Based Credit System, Value education, Environmental studies and Computer aided courses have been made as a part of the syllabus to cater to current needs.