logoOur College Emblem is a wonderful creation of our Founder Mr. N.T.S. Arumugam Pillai, AMN, revealing his vision and mission in building this academic edifice.

The Tower in the Emblem not only indicates that our College is not only a Temple of Learning but also suggests the upliftment of the downtrodden of Tiruppattur and its neighbourhood through higher education. The Traditional Lamp (Kutthu vilakku) is a symbol of our College’s dissemination of knowledge by dispelling ignorance. The Lotus, the Veena, and Palm leaf script (olai chuvadi) stand for Goddess Saraswathi, the Godess of Learning. In Hindu mythology, she is depicted as sitting on the Lotus holding the Veena and the Palm leaf script in her hands. Thus, Goddess Saraswathi is invoked to bless our students with knowledge – that is power.

The College motto “Ulluvathellam uyarvullal” – thinking high is taken from the Tamil Classic Thirukkural which has won the recognition as the Universal Gospel. The Thirukkural exhorts us to have always great and grand thoughts so that our aspirations will elevate us. Infact, the Emblem together with the motto manifests the chief ideals of our Founder that our students should be educated as well as moulded in to cultured citizens with lofty thoughts to serve the humanity. In short, the higher education that the students receive and the higher thinking that they cultivate in this College will definitely take them to higher positions in their future life as symbolized by the Tower in the Emblem.