Name of the Course Establishment Year
Course renamed B A ENGLISH (Vocational) 1997-98


The Department Library has a fine collection of valuable books. The students refer to these books to improve their knowledge.


A full-fledged English Language Laboratory has been established after the course was converted into vocational subject. The Department has acquired a desktop computer with multi-media, a T.V. set, 6 cubicles with individual audio- cassette players, micro-phones, amplifier and headphones. To meet the demands of the increasing strength of B. A English (VOC) course of our college, the Language Laboratory has been modernaised and upgraded with wireless technology.

In the old system, only six students, at a time, can learn correct English pronunciation, stress and rhythm. But, now thanks to the upgradation of the lab, 20 students can listen to the broadcast of the lessons of correct pronunciation, stress, and rhythm with the use of wireless headphones.

Audio- cassette tapes on Spoken English , video cassettes and Talking Dictionary CDs are available for audio-visual education. These are of immense help to our rural students to gradually improve their pronunciation, stress, intonation